Can I use monarch paper and envelopes?

Quick Answer

Yes, with some caveats described below.

Please Note

  • We can cut any of our papers down to monarch size, so you can choose any color or finish. Monarch envelopes are only available in white.

  • Our machines aren't able to insert monarch sheets into monarch envelopes. If we're shipping them to you, this is a non-issue. Otherwise, we can either insert them by hand for you, or we can go with a slightly narrower paper width.

  • If we prepare the full mailing for you at the normal monarch paper size, there will be a surcharge for hand-inserting and sealing, based on the number of items in the envelope.

  • If you'd like to avoid the surcharge but still use monarch envelopes, change your paper size to 6.875" x 10.5".

  • Ivory paper and envelopes are our recommended alternative to monarch paper and envelopes. They'll stand out due to their off-white color, without having to deal with custom paper sizes or surcharges.

The Details

Monarch envelopes are only slightly wider than monarch paper, which prevents our machines from being able to consistently insert the folded letters into these envelopes without jamming.

If you're planning on signing the letters individually, this doesn't matter, and monarch envelopes will stand out in the mail due to their unusual size.

When preparing your letter for monarch-sized printing, set the paper size to 7.25" wide by 10.5" tall. This size is also known as executive paper, and can be found under that name in both Word and Publisher.

If you're committed to the monarch envelope size but want us to send the mailing, you can avoid the surcharge by going with a slightly narrower paper width. If you change the page width from 7.25" to 6.875", there will be enough free space on either side of the envelope to keep our machines from jamming.

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