Photo showing our production area
Part of our production area. We go through a lot of envelopes!

We're a prayer letter service, meaning that we help missionaries communicate through printed newsletters and updates with people who are interested in their ministry – prayer partners, financial partners, family, friends, and others who want to keep in touch.

Missionaries are called to reach and disciple the unreached, and there is always plenty for them to do. By using a prayer letter service, they're able to focus their attention on ministry (and perhaps getting some extra family time) rather than folding and stuffing letters.

Because we send prayer letters for over a thousand missionaries, we're able to invest in high-quality, efficient equipment, which means we can get letters mailed more quickly and reliably than would be possible if a church or family friend were handling the mailings, and we can do so at roughly the same cost.

Our Distinctives

We're a small company focused on providing quick, reliable, personal service to help missionaries communicate with people who are interested in their ministry.

When you interact with us, here are a few things you may notice that we believe are distinctive to us:

  • We're fast. Even during the busiest times, we can all but guarantee that your letters will be mailed within two business days, and they're often ready sooner.

  • You can send mailings, update your mailing list, resend letters, and more, all through the web site. This site is part of a custom software package that we wrote for sending prayer letters, and always has up-to-date information about your mailings (accessible only to you).

  • We invest in production-quality equipment and generally have two of everything, complete with maintenance plans. As a result, we almost never have to delay mailings due to equipment issues, and we can handle spikes in orders without slowing down, even during the busy weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • We're available by online chat during business hours, and by email any time of day. Email and chat are both handled in-house by the same people who send your letters.

Like everyone who sends prayer letters for missionaries, we want you to be able to stay focused on your ministry, knowing that the people who are supporting you with prayer and finances are up to date with your praises, prayers, and needs.

A Brief History

In 2002, Steve and Christine started sending prayer letters for a missionary couple who were their classmates in college. Before long, they started sending letters for more missionaries in the area as well.

In 2004, Steve decided to explore whether it was possible to send prayer letters for missionaries on a full-time basis. After asking around, doing some math, and doing some programming, (then known as went live, and became a part-time job. It quickly grew in popularity, thanks to many referrals from happy missionaries, and Steve left his "normal" job less than a year later to focus on helping missionaries full-time.

Since then, we've moved to a larger space, bought larger and better equipment, hired employees, and have continued to help missionaries keep in touch through prayer letters, postcards, and other mailings.

Christine started working here full-time in 2011, and now oversees most of the day-to-day operations. Steve spends most of his time building and improving the software that we use to ensure that your orders are printed quickly and accurately.