At, we regularly print and mail receipts and giving statements for ministries with the same care and expertise that over a thousand missionaries rely on for their prayer letters.

Whether you're a one-person ministry or have thousands of funds, we'll work with you to set up your receipt layout and create a workflow so that you or your staff can transfer donation and donor data safely and securely.

Donors will receive timely, professional receipts, encouraging them to stay connected with your ministry and missionaries, and facilitating their tax returns.

In addition, your ministry will no longer need to maintain finicky mailing equipment or dedicate precious human resources to printing and mailing, freeing you up to better care for your missionaries and fulfill your ministry's vision.

Donation Receipts

These receipts are normally sent after each gift, and are typically mailed in batches once or twice per week.

The receipt is typically sent in a single-window or double-window envelope, containing the receipt itself, a tear-off slip to facilitate processing of the next gift, and a reply envelope addressed to your ministry. It may also contain a supplemental sheet or insert drawing attention to an area of your ministry or an upcoming event.

The layout of the receipt is highly flexible since we don't use pre-printed shells. You can include any number of data fields, and can customize messages and logos based on the funds that are of interest to the donor.

Year-End Statements

These statements are mailed once per year, typically in January, and serve as convenient documentation to ensure that donors can properly claim a tax deduction for their contributions to your ministry.

Year-end statements can contain a breakdown of individual gifts throughout the year, or they can simply provide a total for the year. Like individual receipts, they are typically sent in window envelopes, often with an accompanying letter of gratitude from the president of the ministry. They typically do not include a reply envelope.

To facilitate the preparation of year-end statements, you can send us a complete set of donation data for the year and we can collate it into a per-donor statement. If we've been sending all of your donation receipts throughout the year, it's even simpler – we can use the data you've already sent to us and send out the year-end receipts as soon as you've completed processing donations for the previous year.

Get Started

If you'd like to have us free up your ministry resources by printing and mailing your donation receipts and/or year-end statements, please get in touch.

In order to provide pricing and next steps, the following information will be helpful:

  1. How many receipts do you typically send per batch (recognizing that this will fluctuate)?
  2. How frequently would you like us to mail receipts?
  3. Do you know how to export donation data to a CSV, Excel, or comparable file? If not, what software are you using to track donation data?
  4. Do you have a software developer or other IT person available to help with setting up a workflow for your finance team?

We will also want to see an example or template of your current receipts. We can either replicate your existing layout or work with you to create a new one.


Receipt for a ministry with a single fund
Receipt for a ministry with multiple funds
Year-end statement