At, it's our goal to provide a service that you'll want to use every time you send a prayer letter, and we want you to be satisfied with every order and interaction you have with us, including when things go wrong.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our terms of service, and to reach out to us if you have questions about these terms or any other topic about an order that you've placed or are considering placing with us.

Estimates and Quotes

The pricing on our web site, including our pricing calculator, represents what you would pay for an order submitted at that time and with those specifications. We update our pricing regularly as our costs change.

Most of our prices scale based on quantity, such that you will pay less per recipient as your list gets larger. This scaling is reflected in our pricing calculator.

You may request an estimate from us at any time for an order you're considering. We will provide a total based on our understanding of your specifications, usually including any assumptions that we're making for any details that weren't included. We will also let you know if we're aware of any upcoming pricing changes that may affect your estimate.

Once we have all of the files and any provided materials for your order, we can provide a firm quote.

Changes to the specifications of your order will affect the price.

Color Fidelity

Printed materials will look different than what you see on screen. They also may differ substantially from one printer to the next. In particular, printed photos tend to appear darker in print than on a screen, since paper relies on reflected light, whereas screens have a built-in light source.

If you're concerned that your photos may appear dark, mention this while placing your order. We'll create a test print and let you know if we have any concerns.

If you want to see a physical copy of your letter or other printed material before sending it to your mailing list, place an order with yourself as the sole recipient. If you're satisfied with the quality, you can then create a resend of that order for your mailing list.

If you haven't yet used our services and want to evaluate our print quality first, send us your most recent letter as a PDF. We will send you a printed copy at no charge.

Production Schedule

We endeavor to produce all orders within two business days, excluding any time that we're waiting for a response from you regarding preview, payment, or other questions. We publish our actual response times so you can see how we're doing at meeting this goal.

Production times are not guaranteed. For example, if we receive an unexpected number of orders, if multiple pieces of equipment fail at the same time, or if multiple employees are out sick, orders may be delayed.

If your order needs to be mailed by a particular date, please choose the Send Yesterday option and let us know your deadline either in the special instructions, online chat, or by using the contact form. Additional charges may apply depending on the order specifications and required deadline.

Large and/or complicated orders may take longer than two business days to produce. We will let you know when we expect that to be the case, and will work with you to ensure that your desired timeline is met.

Provided and Prepaid Materials

You may send us materials to include in your orders. If you wish us to print on any provided materials, whether sheets or envelopes, please contact us before sending these materials to us, to ensure that we will be able to do so.

We generally do not provide a discount for providing blank sheets or envelopes, since they require extra handling.

For large recurring orders, we may suggest prebuying envelopes as a cost-saving measure. If you opt to do so, you will pay for a given quantity of envelopes to be produced all at once, and we will use them for future orders, letting you know when they're running low. These orders are non-refundable, so we suggest that you avoid this option if, for example, your return address or ministry logo may be changing before you use up the prepaid supply.

Include a 10% surplus (or at least 10, whichever is greater) of any provided or prepaid material, to allow for paper jams or other damage. Some loss is normal, and is covered by our pricing when we create materials for you.

We do not currently charge for storage of provided or prepaid materials, and do not insure them against loss. You may purchase insurance for these materials.

At your request, we will ship any remaining provided materials to the address or addresses you specify. You will be charged for normal shipping and handling.

Mistakes and Refunds

If you're dissatisfied with your order for any reason, please let us know so that we can try to make it right.

If we made a mistake in your order, we will generally either send a corrected version at no charge, provide a credit toward your next order, or refund a portion or the entire order, depending on the type and severity of the mistake.

Our maximum liability will be the amount invoiced and received for the order in question, and will not include any incidental or consequential damages.

Copyright and Ownership

You warrant to us that you have permission to print and distribute the content of any files or materials that you send to us, including a license for any fonts and graphics.

If you use one of our published designs or templates as part of your order, we retain ownership or a license for the elements of the design or template that were provided by us. You may use this design or template for a specific order that you place with us, including any unaltered electronic copies that you distribute through other means. You may not subsequently reuse the design or template.

You retain ownership of the content you've created. You grant us permission to reproduce and distribute the content according to your instructions, and as permitted in our privacy policy.

Who We Are

Technically Sound, doing business as, is a Limited Liability Corporation registered in the state of New Hampshire.

We're a small team of missions-minded people who are eager to help missionaries communicate with their support teams so that they can be more effective in their mission field.