Steve Simms


A consummate and incorrigible computer geek and entrepreneur, Steve started sending prayer letters for some local missionary friends while volunteering with their ministry. Since his natural approach to any problem is to automate a solution, he soon discovered that he could print and mail prayer letters economically on a larger scale, and was born in 2004 (originally named

Steve sent over half a million prayer letters on his own before hiring additional staff, becoming a popular sight at the post office in the process, and having unbounded gratitude for the invention of peel-and-stick stamps. He now considers that he has the best job in the world, being able to oversee and write software for a company that helps missionaries and ministries around the world keep in touch with their financial supporters and prayer partners.

Outside the office, Steve volunteers as an A/V tech and resident IT person at his local church, and can often be found tinkering with electronics and listening to audio books.

Christine Simms

General Manager

Christine joined full-time in 2011, though she'd been working in the wings for several years prior, an inherent danger of being married to Steve. When not managing the flow of newsletters, or helping Steve with his latest and greatest idea, she is often at the barn with her horse or volunteering for her church's food shelf.

Molly Witmer

Production Technician

Molly joined us in 2016, bringing organization and teamwork skills from her previous job at a busy hospital. When she's not at work, Molly spends most of her time trying to keep up with her energetic toddler and her Sheltie. When everyone is asleep, she likes to put on a record and play classic rock on her bass guitar.