When you partner with prayerletters.com, you're adding a team of experts in printed ministry communications to your support-raising resources.

We've spent over fifteen years learning how to help missionaries be successful at building and maintaining their ministry support teams. During that time, we've continually improved our services and have developed and refined several programs aimed at helping missionaries communicate reliably and effectively with their ministry partners.

Since we'd rather spend money on providing and improving our services than on advertising, we rely on ministry leaders and happy customers to recommend us to their staff and co-workers.

When you partner with us as a ministry, we're able to provide even better service to your staff by knowing your best practices and having your brand assets readily available. We turn those into templates, pre-designed envelopes, and other materials that make it easy for your staff to send prayer letters that are consistent with your communication guidelines.

Here are some of the benefits you'll be making available to your staff:

  • The Prayer Letter Platform. We were the first prayer letter service with an online order system, and we're continually updating it with new features and improved usability.

  • Synchronization with Donor Management Tools. TntConnect, MPDX, and Karani all have built-in support for sending mailing lists to us. With other tools, it's a simple matter of exporting a list in nearly any format. Your staff will never need to maintain their database in more than one place.

  • Ready-to-Use Templates. We've designed a number of common templates, including giving response slips, postcards, and baby announcements, which can be customized and ordered directly from a web browser. We'll also add your templates to this system, so that your missionaries can easily create and send materials that follow your ministry's style guide.

  • End-of-Year Appeal Tutorial Series. We've distilled the best practices for sending year-end appeals into a six-week series designed to help missionaries send this crucial fund-raising letter on time and without stressing out over it. We revise it every year.

  • The Monthly Challenge. This invitation-only program is available to missionaries who meet certain criteria and are committed to being regularly in touch with their supporters. We provide a mix of coaching, reminders, and accountability to help them meet their goal in the face of competing priorities and the tyranny of the urgent.

The results speak for themselves:

  • "The program really did make a difference in my ministry. I can't think of another time in 20 years where I've sent out 12 letters [in a year]. No kidding. Our support increased and I was in better touch with our partners."

  • "Thank you SO SO much! I can't tell you the burden your ministry lifts. Peace of mind to know people will get the letter before the end of the month."

  • "This is an unbelievable service that you provide. And I mean that in every sense... while it is not only an amazing idea as a service... but the actual customer service, user interface, simple process, clean website, MPDX integration, reminder follow-ups, Christmas ask emails, billing, templates, send yesterday option, Canadian postage options, text message follow-up... these are all outstanding, and just straight up impressive."

Please get in touch with us if you'd like your missionaries to have that sort of experience. We'd love to be a part of your ministry resource team.