The team is committed to helping missionaries reach and maintain healthy support levels so that you can minister without distraction wherever you may be in the world.

Our services consist of the following four elements that ensure your ministry communications will be as effective as they can be.

The Order Experience

Our easy-to-use online ordering system is designed specifically for missionaries, walking you through the simple process of creating a mailing for your prayer letter or other ministry materials.

Every order is reviewed by one of our ministry communication experts, ensuring that your files and instructions match your vision. If any questions arise, we will contact you right away. We mail over a million prayer letters every year, and can spot and resolve common problems and omissions.

Once your order is ready to print, we'll prepare and send it promptly.

The Ministry Communication System

In addition to sending prayer letters, we provide you with a variety of tools to build your relationship with the people involved in your ministry.

Customize one of our many ministry-focused templates to celebrate a special occasion, thank a donor, or send an appeal. Sync your mailing list with any major donor database program. Send a welcome kit or a previous letter to potential supporters. Plus many more self-service tools.

The Prayer Letter Maximizer

Having worked with thousands of missionaries, we're familiar with many of the challenges and opportunities that you're facing or will face throughout your ministry, whether you're a first-year intern or a life-long veteran.

You can access resources through our web site and (if you choose) have them delivered directly to your inbox in the form of timely tips, helping you make the best use of your prayer letters to build and maintain your ministry support over the long term.

The Support Team Expander

As you continue to develop your skills and habits in sending prayer letters, we make more advanced programs available to you, designed to grow your support level, bring new people to your ministry team, and ensure that you're able to minister long-term in a healthy way.

Since you will have already put in the time and effort to ensure that your prayer letters and other ministry communications are as effective as they can be, you'll see significant results as you apply these advanced techniques to expand your support base.

Throughout the process, and as we get to know you better, we hope to become a trusted part of your ministry team, with our administrative services enabling you to be ever more effective as you minister in your field.