With prayerletters.com, you can be confident that you're working with a team of people who specialize in sending missionary newsletters and other ministry-related communications.

First Order Confidence

When you place your first order, our site will guide you to ensure that we'll have all of the information we'll need to print and mail your letters quickly and accurately. There's also a place for you to enter any special instructions that might not have been covered.

One of our prayer letter experts reviews your files and instructions, ensuring that everything appears to be in order. If anything is missing or doesn't seem right, we'll contact you for clarification. We send over a million prayer letters every year, so we can spot and prevent common problems and omissions that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The Prayer Letter Platform

We were the first prayer letter service to build an easy-to-use web site for ordering prayer letters and managing your mailing list, and have been continually developing this platform for fifteen years.

When you log in, you can see the status of your orders, manage your mailing list, send copies of past letters to new supporters, download receipts, create a special order by personalizing one of our templates, customize the color and logo on your envelopes, and more. All of these features were designed specifically for missionaries, and are tailored for your needs.

Getting to Know You

As we get to know you, we'll take note of your habits and preferences so that we can serve you even better. We'll usually notice, for instance, if you've accidentally sent us the wrong mailing list, and have often caught cases where someone has uploaded an old prayer letter instead of their current one.

We'll also be able to make suggestions and judgment calls to help your prayer letters be more effective, based on what you've told us in previous orders. Our goal is to be a trusted part of your ministry team, making the same decisions you'd make if you were operating the equipment or choosing trade-offs between cost, quality, and speed.

Reaching Your Goals

Your prayer letters are the primary way you raise and maintain your financial and prayer support over your entire missionary career. You want to be sure that your letters properly communicate your vision and engage your readers so that they become and remain involved in your mission.

When you work with a trusted prayer letter service, you have a team of people dedicated to ensuring that your ministry communications will help you stay on the field for the long term. That's our desire, and we trust that you'll experience these benefits as you work with us.