How should I lay out a response slip/card?

Quick Answer

Use a 1x3 layout on a different paper color than your letter.

Please Note

  • If you're using a #6 3/4 envelope instead of a #9 envelope, set your page size to 3.5"x5.5". When you send us your order, choose the 2x2 layout when you add your insert.

  • For your convenience, we have insert templates available that have sizes and margins already set up.

  • For black and white slips/cards, we recommend using colored paper (regular or heavyweight) to help the insert stand out.

  • For color slips/cards, we recommend using either heavyweight white paper or ivory paper (regular or heavyweight).

The Details

Please avoid using smaller sizes for your inserts. They usually work out to be more expensive due to the extra cutting that's required.

If possible, send us just one copy of your insert, rather than setting up several on a letter-sized page. Set the paper size to be the size of the insert, give it 0.25" margins, and lay it out the way you want. Our software will make exact copies of it for you, ensuring that everything is evenly spaced.

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