To ensure that your letters stand out, our normal paper is a 24lb, bright white, smooth paper. It works well for both text and photos, and is highly opaque, so you can include photos on both sides of the sheet without having them show through to the other side.

Finishes / Textures

  • Smooth (24lb) – this is the normal option, and is a good choice for most prayer letters.

  • Ivory (28lb) – for a more traditional look. It works well with color printing, and is best for appeal letters.

  • Gloss (32lb) – for a more professional look and brighter colors. It combines well with full-bleed printing, and is best for organizational mailings.

Legal and Ledger Paper

When you need a larger sheet of paper, we have legal (8.5 x 14) and ledger (17 x 11) paper available in both smooth white and gloss white finishes.