We can print and include inserts (e.g. reply cards or slips) with your letter. These can be printed on any of the paper colors we have in stock, and can use either of the following layouts:

In certain cases, we can also use different layouts, though these may require a manual labor charge if they don't work with our equipment. Please check with us if you'd like to try a different layout.

Tips for Creating the Best Inserts

  • Use at least a 10pt font size. If you're having difficulty getting everything to fit, consider using a larger insert, a double-sided insert, or a full-sized page.

  • Use colored paper for a black-only insert, to help it stand out. For a color insert, consider using heavyweight white paper.

  • Minimize the amount of writing needed. You'll want your recipients to fill in their name, but rather than asking everyone for their address, ask instead if their address has changed from what's on the envelope.

  • Leave lots of space between lines when you want people to write on your insert. Very few people's handwriting is as small as printed type, so you'll want to at least use the equivalent of double space.

  • Use a 1x3 layout, unless you have a good reason for choosing a different layout. That will give you the most space and allow you to use the largest font, both of which will help readability. It is frequently the most economical option as well – other layouts require more cuts, which often outweigh any savings in printing costs.

Setting Margins and Making Copies

If you use the templates above, we've already set the paper size and margins for you. If you're creating your own file, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Use a 0.25" margin around each edge of the page, with a 0.5" margin between each insert. That will give you an even 0.25" margin around each edge when they're cut.

  • For a 2x2 insert, the height should be no more than 3.75" in order to fit in the envelope without needing to be folded. If you're using a #6 3/4 reply envelope, the height should be no more than 3.5"

  • If you're unable to use these templates and are having trouble laying out your insert evenly, just place one insert in the top left corner of a letter-sized page, and we'll take care of the rest.