If you have pre-printed materials (or other objects) that you'd like us to include in your mailing, you can ship them to us in advance of placing your order.

Please reach out to us ahead of time so we know to expect your package. If your materials haven't already been created, we can also review the design and suggest tweaks that can reduce the postage and/or manual labor costs.

Shipping Address

Granite State Printing
Attn: Your Name Here
30 Airport Road, Suite 1
West Lebanon, NH 03784

Preparing Your Shipment

  • Pack inserts carefully and securely. Many inserts that we receive get damaged during transit due to insufficient packaging.

  • Include extras (5% or 10, whichever is larger). When our mailing equipment jams, it can damage provided materials, and sometimes materials get damaged even when they're packed carefully. If you'd like, we can ship any leftovers back to you when your order is complete.

  • Allow for shipping time, including carrier delays. This is especially true from November through January. We find UPS to be the most reliable at hitting their delivery estimates, but we regularly receive packages from the US Postal Service and FedEx as well.

  • Consider having us create your materials, if possible. Doing so eliminates all of the above concerns.

Placing Your Order

If we've already received your provided materials when you place your order, they'll show up when you click the "Add an item" button. Otherwise, pick the item type that most closely resembles what you're shipping to us and check the "Provided by You" box.

On the Delivery page, you can instruct us to keep any leftover materials for a few months to allow you to create resend orders, or we can ship them back to you.

Note that we'll wait to begin work on your order until after we receive your materials. This is to ensure that nobody has to pay for wasted work if something needs to change due to a delay or other unexpected circumstances.