Writing efficient, effective prayer letters is a skill that you can develop over time. Like any skill, it requires time and practice, but if you work on it a little each month, you'll see quick and noticeable improvements in your ability to communicate with your supporters.

For your next prayer letter, look through the tips we have here, and try to improve just one aspect of your letter. Don't try to change everything all at once – that's a sure recipe for a delayed update!

How to Write a Prayer Letter

Whether you're going on a short-term trip, a one-year internship, or entering full-time ministry, the essentials of prayer letters are the same.

This guide will show you how to create a prayer letter template, write updates that will help build relationships, and decide who to include on your mailing list.

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Ten Elements to Include in Every Prayer Letter

There are a variety of elements that should be in every prayer letter, in addition to the story you're relating.

If you tend to start your letters from a blank page, consider adding these ten elements to your document first, and then fill in the story after that. You may find it easier once you already have the framework of your letter in place.

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Top Ten Typos

Continuing the theme of tens, even the best writers make mistakes, and after sending thousands of letters, we've found that certain mistakes happen much more frequently than others.

Whether or not you consider grammar and spelling to be a strong point, we think you'll find this list both entertaining and helpful.

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Overcoming Writer's Block

Sometimes you find yourself staring at the screen, wondering what to write. Maybe you have so much that you want to write that you have no idea how to narrow it down, or maybe you feel like nothing's happening that's worth writing about.

Either way, look through this list and see if something sparks your imagination. Failing that, try some of the brainstorming suggestions that we've included near the bottom.

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Creative Letter Ideas

If you're feeling like you want to change up your letter style, either for a month or on an ongoing basis, we've found a few styles that stand out from the crowd.

Each of these ideas can form either your entire letter, or they can take the form of a recurring sidebar.

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