If you're feeling like you're in a bit of a rut with your prayer letters, or if you want to try something completely different for a change, here are some creative ideas that we've seen:

  • Biography, with picture

    Interview someone with whom you interact regularly, take a head shot, and write up a biography of that person to send to your supporters.

    This could be an occasional feature, or a regular sidebar. If you want to take it further, you could even make it the theme for your letters for a year or more, by incorporating your "normal" prayer letter topics into each biography.

  • In Their Words

    Ask one of your disciples to write your prayer letter for you. You shouldn't do this every month, but it's a great opportunity for them to express appreciation for your supporters, and does so in a different way than your saying so (which you are doing, right?).

    Give the person writing your letter some background info on what you normally write, and some suggestions on what they could write (thank you, a mini autobiography, how you've impacted their life or the local ministry, etc.).

  • In Their Words, Kid Edition

    Write from the perspective of one of your children. As with most of these ideas, this can be done as a subsection of your letter, as the entire letter, or even as an ongoing theme.

    If you use an appropriate font, be sure it's still easily readable. Comic Sans is the stereotypical kids' font, and is easy to read, but there are plenty of others to be found.

  • Local Trivia – Did You Know?

    This one works especially well overseas, but can work anywhere. Include a trivia item as a sidebar in each letter you write.

    If you're writing regularly, you can help generate interest in your letters by making it a quiz, and not giving the answer until your next letter. You can choose whether to make it a multiple-choice question, Jeopardy!-style, or freeform.

  • Your Questions Answered

    Add a "Your Questions" section to your letter, encouraging your readers to ask you about your ministry. Feature one or two questions in your next letter.

  • Social Media Activity Feed

    Choose your favorite social network platform, and write your letter as though it were a printed version of that page. This will usually mean writing a list of loosely-connected status updates in the main section, and including bio information in a sidebar.

There are all sorts of things you can do to help your letter stand out. If you take a particular idea and use it consistently, it will become your trademark, making it easier for people to recognize and reconnect with you each time they see your letter.