Can I send paper to you for my mailing?

Quick Answer

Yes, but it adds to the cost of your mailing.

Please Note

  • Pack your paper carefully, ensuring that the edges are well-protected.

  • Include lots of extra paper, to allow for damage during shipment and problems feeding it through our printers.

  • Providing your own paper adds $0.02/sheet to the cost, due to extra labor involved.

The Details

While it's our goal to be flexible, we tend to run into lots of issues when people send us their own paper, so we recommend using our own paper whenever possible.

That said, if you've found the perfect pre-printed sheet, here's how to get it to us:

  1. Make sure you've bought enough to allow for damage. Include a minimum of 25 extra sheets, or 15% of your mailing list size, whichever is greater.

  2. Use a box in a box. The inside box should be designed for letter-sized sheets, and hold the paper snugly so that it won't move around if someone decides to play football with your box. Float this box inside a larger box using packing peanuts, bubble wrap, paper towels, or newspaper. Make it fairly tight – you shouldn't feel much movement when you shake the box.

    The most common problems we see are box corners being compressed and gashes in the box. By using two layers of packaging, you'll improve your odds that the paper won't get beat up even if the outer box does.

  3. Use your preferred shipper. USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground tend to be the cheapest, and deliver earlier in the day than FedEx. We've received mangled boxes from all three, though, so just pick your favorite.

  4. Ship the paper to:

    Granite State Printing
    Attn: Your Name Here
    30 Airport Road, Suite 1
    West Lebanon, NH 03784

  5. Let us know what you'd like us to do with leftover sheets (we can ship them back to you, save them for resends, or recycle them).

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