Can you mail merge a specific "ask" amount and/or a longer greeting into each letter?

Quick Answer


Please Note

  • Include any additional merges as extra columns in your mailing list spreadsheet, and let us know where to put each item.

  • Ensure that the greeting is in the top third of the letter, so that we can check to make sure they're lined up as they're going through our mailing equipment.

  • Send us a single copy of your letter, rather than pre-merging it – our software prints envelopes in a particular order, and we need to do the merge on our end to ensure they stay lined up.

The Details

If we're including a personalized greeting line in your letter, we can also merge other parts of that sheet, such as including a specific "ask" amount or including a special message.

To do this, get your mailing list into a spreadsheet format (you can download one from the My Account page, or export to Excel if you're using TntConnect). Then add a column for each additional merge that you want us to do.

When you send us your order, use the Special Instructions box to tell us what needs to be replaced. If this is a one-time list, please mention that as well, so we don't replace your regular list.

If you want to include a second mail-merged sheet or if your letters are highly customized and need to be pre-merged, we can send them for you as custom orders for an additional cost. Please contact us for an estimate.

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