TntConnect is an excellent program for keeping track of people and gifts. It now includes support for interacting directly with as well, so getting your list to us couldn't be easier.

Option 1: Regular Mailing List

Most of the time, you'll send prayer letters to everyone with the "Send Newsletter" box checked.

1. Click the megaphone icon to bring up the Newsletter Tools

To do this, click on the megaphone icon on the toolbar to bring up the Newsletter Tools window. You can also go to the Tools menu and choose Newsletter Tools.

2. Click the Send to Newsletter Service button

Make sure you're on the Print tab. Then click the Send to Newsletter Service... button.

3. Choose and click the Order button

Choose from the dropdown menu, then click the Order Newsletters button.

The first time you connect to from TntConnect, you'll enter your email address and password to log in, and allow TntConnect to access your account and upload mailing lists.

Once you've authorized TntConnect once, it will send you directly to the order form with your mailing list already uploaded, so you just need to upload your letter and any inserts you want to include.

Option 2: Special Mailing Lists

For mailings that aren't going to your regular list, such as appeals, sending your mailing list to us is just as easy, but the first step is different.

Start by doing a Lookup in TntConnect that includes everyone who should receive this mailing.

Use Group Actions when you have a special mailing list

Then open the Group Actions menu and choose the Send Group to Newsletter Service option.

Choose and click the Order button

This will skip the Newsletter Tools window (which changes your Lookup) and bring you straight to the window that lets you start an order here at

Option 3: TntMPD Version 2

If you are still using TntMPD version 2 and are unable to upgrade to version 3, you won't have the Newsletter Tools option.

Instead, you can do a Lookup, then go to the File menu and then choose Export Current Group to create an Excel or CSV file containing just the mailing list.

You can then upload the mailing list through your web browser during the order process.