Logos for Letters and Inserts

If you include the Cru logo in your letter, please use one of these high-resolution versions that are designed for print.

Avoid the "screen" logos, which will look grainy when printed.

Logos for Envelopes

Go to your envelope settings to add the Cru logo to your envelope, or one of the other ministries under the Campus Crusade for Christ umbrella.

Are we missing your logo? Let us know, and we'll add it.

Reply Envelopes

We keep the following branded reply envelopes in stock:

  • Cru Gift Envelopes (addressed to Donation Services)
  • Cru "First Gift" Envelopes (addressed to you)
  • Campus Crusade for Christ Gift Envelopes (addressed to Donation Services)

We can stamp your seven-digit staff account number on the envelopes for a small extra charge.

Response Slips/Cards

The branded envelopes include a tear-off slip allowing donors to include their information.

If you prefer a less corporate design, we also have some simple templates that you can include with a regular reply envelope.

We will modify either of these to include your name and account number.

Business Cards

Would you like to have some official Cru business cards? We have ready-made designs that match the style guide for several Cru ministries:

Are we missing your ministry? Let us know!