The Contacts API allows you to upload and download the entire contact database. You can also add, update, and remove individual contacts from the database.

It is best to make changes using the Contacts API before an order is submitted. Some changes that are made to the contact database may affect existing orders, but we do not currently guarantee that a change will or will not affect an order – to change an existing order, we recommend having the user contact us directly.

(We may provide stronger guarantees in the future, particularly if we're pestered to do so.)

Grants access to read all of a user's active (non-deleted) contacts.
Grants access to make changes to a user's contact database.

Common Errors

403 contacts.permission_error
Your application doesn't have the required permission to make this call.
404 contacts.missing_contact
The specified contact doesn't exist.
410 contacts.deleted_contact
The specified contact has been deleted.