We're making every effort to provide helpful error messages so you can be efficient when writing your code. Most errors will be returned in JSON using the following format:

   "status" : 404,
   "error" : "contacts.missing_contact",
   "message" : "The contact you requested doesn't exist.",
   "more_info" : "http://www.prayerletters.com/developers/contacts"

All errors will be returned with an appropriate HTTP status code, which is mirrored in the status attribute. The status represents the class of error (in this case, a problem finding the requested resource).

The error attribute is designed to be used by your code to identify the specific error.

The message attribute is for you, providing in free-form text more detail about the error and possible troubleshooting tips.

Some errors will include a more_info attribute, which will usually bring you to a web page with more information either about the API call or about the specific error you encountered.