Make changes to a temporary mailing list.

URL Parameters

The ID of the list to be updated.

Body Parameters

An object containing one or more custom fields and values. Values must be strings. Set the value of an existing custom field to null to remove it.
A new name for the list. All list names must be unique for a given end-user.

Example Request

{ "metadata" : { "custom_field" : null, "new_field" : "new value" }, "name" : "New List Name" }

Successful Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
{ "created" : "2024-06-13T22:14:18", "expires" : "2024-06-27T22:14:18", "list_id" : "l-0jr-f5eh", "metadata" : { "new_field" : "new value" }, "name" : "New List Name" }

Error Responses

400 lists.duplicate_name
List names must be unique
400 lists.invalid_metadata
If present, the metadata field must be an object.
400 lists.invalid_metadata_field
The indicated metadata field contains invalid characters.
400 lists.invalid_metadata_length
The value for the indicated metadata field is too long.
400 lists.too_much_data
Lists may only contain a certain number of custom fields.
400 lists.undefined_metadata_value
Metadata fields may not contain null values.
403 lists.permission_error
You need the lists.write scope to perform this action.