Subscribe to receive notifications about an event.
When a webhook subscription is created, we will immediately trigger an asynchronous ping event at the target URL, so that you can be sure the subscription is working. See the Ping a Webhook API call for details. Unlike normal notifications, this event will not be retried if there's an error.

Required Parameters

The name of the webhook.
The URL that should be notified when the event occurs. The URL may contain query parameters. These will be overwritten if the webhook uses the same parameters.

Expected Response

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Content-Type: application/json
{ "event": "contact.address_update.v1", "href": "", "id": "h-21w-qe71", "target": "" }

Error Responses

400 hooks.missing_event
The request didn't include an event.
400 hooks.missing_target
The request didn't include a target.
400 hooks.invalid_target
The target must be an HTTP or HTTPS URL.
403 hooks.missing_scope
You don't have the required scope (permission) to subscribe to the requested webhook. The error body will include the scope that you need.
403 hooks.unauthorized
You don't have access to the requested webhook for a reason other than scope. Contact us for more details.
404 hooks.not_found
The webhook you requested doesn't exist.