Create a temporary mailing list for use in a future order, independent of the end-user's regular mailing list (from the Contacts API).

Body Parameters

An optional object containing zero or more custom fields and values.
A unique name for the list so that the end-user can differentiate it from other lists.

Example Request

{ "metadata" : { "metadata_field" : "metadata value" }, "name" : "Test List" }

Successful Response

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
{ "expires" : "2024-03-07T10:57:37", "list_id" : "l-0jr-f5eh" }

Error Responses

400 lists.duplicate_name
List names must be unique
400 lists.invalid_metadata
If present, the metadata field must be an object.
400 lists.invalid_metadata_field
The indicated metadata field contains invalid characters.
400 lists.invalid_metadata_length
The value for the indicated metadata field is too long.
400 lists.too_much_data
Lists may only contain a certain number of custom fields.
400 lists.undefined_metadata_value
Metadata fields may not contain null values.
403 lists.permission_error
You need the lists.write scope to perform this action.