Do you have reply envelopes for my ministry?

Quick Answer

We have reply envelopes for Cru, InterVarsity, and Every Nation.

Please Note

  • We generally can't print your name on a pre-printed reply envelope. We can, however, stamp your account number in the appropriate place (up to eight digits), for an extra $0.10/envelope.

  • For a more personal mailing, use your own reply address instead of your ministry's reply envelopes. This lets you thank donors immediately, ask for prayer requests, and ensure that the checks get sent to your ministry with the needed documentation to ensure they end up in your ministry account.

  • If your ministry isn't listed here, we can still print reply envelopes for you, or use your ministry's template for reply envelopes.


We stock the giving envelopes addressed to Orlando. We can include them with your letter for $0.05/envelope as is, or $0.15/envelope with your account number stamped into the appropriate box.

A cheaper and more personalized option than stamping your account number is to have us print a reply envelope addressed to Orlando and a response slip containing your name and account number.

Note that if you're in the US and will be available to receive mail, Cru recommends that you have donations sent to your address rather than to Orlando directly.


We stock InterVarsity BRE giving envelopes. These envelopes need to be hand-folded before we can include them with your letter, which adds $0.10/envelope.

We can include a label on the envelope identifying your ministry for $0.60/sheet of 30 (printing) plus $0.10/label (applying to the envelope by hand), for a total of $0.12/envelope if you have an even multiple of 30 people on your list.

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