Where do I send a package of inserts for my mailing?

Quick Answer

Granite State Printing
Attn: Your Name Here
30 Airport Road, Suite 1
West Lebanon, NH 03784

Please Note

  • Pack inserts carefully and securely, and include extras. Many inserts that we receive get damaged during transit due to insufficient packaging.

  • Allow for shipping delays. All of the package carriers have more glitches in December than during the rest of the year, since they're shipping far more packages than usual.

  • Consider having us create your inserts if possible. It eliminates shipping costs and delays, and is less stressful.

The Details

The key thing when shipping inserts to us is ensuring that they're packaged carefully and securely. Include plenty of padding (packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or paper towels all work well), and protect the corners.

If you use elastic bands, ensure that they're not too tight. Ziploc bags work well for keeping inserts together.

We've personally found UPS to be the most reliable way to ship a box using normal delivery times, and they tend to be a little less prone to damaging boxes than the postal service (though we've gotten impressively mangled boxes from all three major carriers).

For overnight service, FedEx Express is our carrier of choice.

If your inserts can fit in a US Postal Service flat-rate priority box, that tends to be the most economical option, and delivery is usually in two days compared to 3-5 for UPS. These boxes tend not to get beat up during transit, but ensure that the corners are well-padded.

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