Can I use special stamps?

Quick Answer

Yes, provided we can get them from the post office.

Please Note

  • Holiday stamps are easy to get early in the season, but become scarce closer to Christmas. If you know roughly how many you'll need, we can pre-buy them for you.

  • We will typically have at least one holiday stamp in stock at any given time. If so, it will be listed as an option when you place your order.

  • If we're stamping your reply envelopes as well, let us know which envelopes should get the holiday stamps.

The Details

Holiday stamps will help your letter or card stand out from the regular mail. They add $0.10/envelope to the cost, since we need to apply them by hand.

When you place your order, let us know which stamp you'd like us to use, and give us one or two backups in case we aren't able to get your top choice. If you give us a few days' notice, we can order any design online, which should improve the odds of getting the one you want.

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