Can I include a 4x6 photo?

Quick Answer


Please Note

  • We can print these in-house on our photo printer for $0.25/picture, which won't slow down your mailing at all.

  • You can also have them shipped to us to include with your mailing. Please be sure to include extras, since the height of the picture is very close to the height of a #10 envelope, which results in more frequent jams.

The Details

We highly recommend sending a 4x6 photo with either your end-of-year appeal or your Christmas card (the latter is preferred, but if you're only sending an appeal, include it there).

We're happy to include photos that you ship to us, but please be sure to allow plenty of extra time beyond the estimates provided by the company producing them for you. In particular, we've found that the large chain stores with photo centers tend to have significant delays this time of year.

If you're running late, it'll be much less stressful if you have us print your photos since you won't have to wait for them to be printed and shipped.

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