How long will it take to print and send my mailing?

Quick Answer

Nearly all mailings are sent within two business days.

Please Note

  • Response times exclude any time that we're waiting for a preview approval or for payment, since these are outside of our control.

  • We have a Send Yesterday rush upgrade that prioritizes your mailing as though you had sent it to us a full weekday earlier.

  • If we start falling behind, we'll post status updates until we're back up to speed.

  • You can always use live chat or the contact form if you'd like an estimate of when we will be working on your order.

  • Between November 1st and Christmas, we work Monday through Friday except for Thanksgiving Day. We don't work on weekends if we can meet our two-day commitment without doing so.

The Details

If this year is like past years, we will continue to send nearly all mailings within two business days, and will work long hours, if needed, to do so.

We spend most of the year preparing for the increased amount of mail between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Typically, we'll have a debrief session after Christmas, figure out what the pain points were during the previous eight weeks, and then make some substantial changes in January or February. We then fine-tune everything throughout the year so that we've worked out all the kinks by the time November rolls around again.

If you want your letters to be mailed the day after you send them to us, use the Send Yesterday upgrade, and it will usually happen. Contact us after placing your order if you want an estimate as to when we'll have it in the mail.

Our normal working hours are 9am until 5:30pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday, though we'll often work late in November and December to meet our response time goals.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for us, but we're open again on Friday, since that's an important mailing day for many missionaries.

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