How can I guarantee my letter will be in the mail by a particular date?

Quick Answer

Send your letter to us a week before your desired mailing date.

Please Note

  • If you don't have a week, don't worry – we send the vast majority of mailings within two business days during the end-of-year season, and can provide same-day and next-day service in many cases.

  • Tell us in the Special Instructions to hold your mailing until the date you want it sent. Otherwise, we'll mail it as soon as it's finished, which may be sooner than you want.

  • If you want a preview or are paying by credit card, ensure that you can take care of these steps in a timely manner.

  • We can't completely guarantee that your mailing will be sent on a given date, but we've never taken longer than a week to send a mailing even in the worst of circumstances, except when it involved sending thousands of packages.

  • If you'd like an estimate as to when your letters will be mailed, start up a chat or contact us after placing your order.

The Details

We send over 99% of mailings within two business days throughout the year, including during the busy end of year season, and including when one or more machines break.

That's not a guarantee, however, so if you give us a few extra days, we should have enough time to finish your mailing even if we receive a particularly large spike in orders or have our primary and secondary machines fail at the same time.

When you give us a specific date to mail your letters, our software will take note of it when it's choosing priorities. Initially, we'll defer working on your letter in order to get other mailings sent. As your deadline approaches, however, your mailing will take precedence over nearly everything else, based on how much notice you gave us.

When we finish your mailing, which will usually be before your deadline if you've given us four or more business days to work on it, we'll let you know that it's finished, store the letters until your specified mailing date, and then send a follow-up email confirming that they're on their way.

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