Can I include a magnet?

Quick Answer

Yes! We can print magnets for you, or you can send them to us to include in your mailing.

Please Note

  • Visit our magnet info page for details and blank templates.

  • A magnet is best sent as part of a follow-up mailing (Christmas letter or card) due to its weight. Our regular-size magnets will fit with a single sheet of paper or a greeting card without requiring extra postage. Anything beyond that will weigh more than an ounce.

  • If you order your magnets from us, we will typically be able to produce them without slowing down your mailing. If you have them shipped to us, please be sure to allow for transit time.

The Details

A combined photo magnet and prayer card is very likely to get stuck to the fridge, which means your recipients will be thinking of and praying for you throughout the year.

We recommend not using a holiday theme on your magnets, to help ensure that they'll stay on the fridge after Christmas. Instead, use a holiday theme for your Christmas card, and include the magnet with it.

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