How many inserts can I include with my letter?

Quick Answer

Four is a reasonable limit.

Please Note

  • Our mailing equipment can include up to four inserts with your letter. We can include more than that by hand.

  • If you have rigid inserts (e.g. pens or CDs) or if your mailing weighs more than an ounce, extra postage will be required.

  • Four sheets of our 24lb regular-weight paper in an envelope with a stamp weighs exactly one ounce.

The Details

The majority of end-of-year appeals consist of one or two sheets of paper, a response slip or card, and a reply envelope. If your mailing follows this format, you won't need to worry about extra postage.

As a rule of thumb, a reply envelope weighs roughly the same as a sheet of paper, and a heavyweight sheet of paper weighs roughly twice as much.

Photo magnets weigh nearly half an ounce, so a letter that has a magnet, response slip, and reply envelope will almost definitely be over an ounce. You might consider saving the photo magnet for your Christmas card if so.

Extra postage costs $0.22/ounce, plus an extra $0.10 for hand stamping.

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